MF Speedy

MF Speedy

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MF Speedy
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A fast go-kart for fast kids? With its 5-point seat adjustment the MF Speedy Go Kart from DINO CARS is the ideal vehicle for children between 3 and 9 years old. It is extremely stable and at the same time runs extremely light thanks to pneumatic tires with integrated inner tubes and narrow wire rims. For more security the brake freewheel with coaster brake, minimizes the risk of injury while the drivers is taking a break during the forward movement. Going reverse, nothing’s easier! Only slow down the go-kart with backpedal brake until the kart stands still. Afterwards you kick the pedals backwards. The reverse gear is now automatically engaged. Pure driving pleasure! Dimensions | 120 × 72 × 77 cm. Weight | 28 kg. Load capacity | Up to 80 kg.