MF 8650 Pedal Tractor With Rollytrac Loader

MF 8650 Pedal Tractor With Rollytrac Loader


MF 8650 Pedal Tractor With Rollytrac Loader
Code: X993070611133

Price: €217.46 inc.

MF 8650 pedal tractor with opening bonnet and Front Loader. Suitable for children from 3 years of age. It is resistant to rain, mud and snow and will provide hours of fun to your child. Its directional steering wheel, as well as its adjustable chain tension and quiet tires makes it solid and easy to handle. Its opening bonnet allows little mechanics to check on the engine and its adjustable seat will adapt to their morphology to maximize comfort. Its functional and lockable front loader, will allow them to pick up anything they find in their path: sand, topsoil, leaves, wood,stones,…

Whether he's a little farmer or a little gardener, your child will love it.

In association with other accessories from the range (trailer, dumpster, rear excavator) your child will have even more fun when playing with their Massey Ferguson pedal tractor.

Dimensions: 142 x 53 x 81 cm / 55 x 20 x 31 inch
Weight: 12,6 Kilos / 27,7 pounds
Maximum weight supported: 50 kilos / 110 pounds
Recommended age: 3- 8 years old